Thursday, October 13, 2011

Throw Him a Bong, More Like....

Hat Tip: The Awesome Allahpundit at Hot Air, who notes that The New Republic has basically panned the demonstration.
And it is just not the protesters’ apparent allergy to capitalism and suspicion of normal democratic politics that should raise concerns. It is also their temperament. The protests have made a big deal of the fact that they arrive at their decisions through a deliberative process. But all their talk of “general assemblies” and “communiqués” and “consensus” has an air of group-think about it that is, or should be, troubling to liberals. “We speak as one,” Occupy Wall Street stated in its first communiqué, from September 19. “All of our decisions, from our choices to march on Wall Street to our decision to camp at One Liberty Plaza were decided through a consensus process by the group, for the group.” The air of group-think is only heightened by a technique called the “human microphone” that has become something of a signature for the protesters. When someone speaks, he or she pauses every few words and the crowd repeats what the person has just said in unison. The idea was apparently logistical—to project speeches across a wide area—but the effect when captured on video is genuinely creepy.
Yes, particularly when the speaker is talking about sex with animals. You know what the whole Occupy Wall Street phenomenon reminds me off? Cindy Sheehan. Remember, initially the antiwar people were very skeptical of Cindy; they knew she had a tendency to be a flake, and they worried about supporting her. But the media jumped on her bandwagon, and so they had to come along for the ride. And, of course, Cindy started flaking out again.

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