Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy DC Tries the Hunger Strike

Could wait a long time for their demands to be met:

Three members of the Occupy D.C. group said they will begin a hunger strike Thursday, ceasing all eating in support of “D.C. democracy” and full voting rights for District residents.
But not until after breakfast.
Adrian Parsons, Sam Jewler and Kelly Meers are scheduled to begin their fast at noon, when they will also air their grievances and demands at McPherson Square Park in Northwest Washington.
 Parsons has an interesting background:

Maybe there's no singling out any one freaky thing about "Shrapnel," a performance in which Parsons removed his own foreskin and stuffed it into a glory hole in the wall at The Warehouse. The performance was staged for "Supple", a group show of otherwise modest painting and sculpture. Hope you caught Parsons's act of auto-circumcision last night, since he won't be repeating it.
 The NY hunger strikers claim to still be going strong.

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