Thursday, November 10, 2011

And Another OD...

Obamaville Portland is turning out to be a paragon of the movement:

On Wednesday November 9, 2011, Portland Police officers working the Occupy Portland encampments at Chapman and Lownsdale Square Parks, responded to the report of a man suffering from a drug overdose in a tent at Chapman Square. Officers found the man in a tent and he was blue and not breathing. Officers immediately began performing CPR and called for medical to respond. Medical personnel responded and were able to revive the man then transported him to an area hospital. Officers learned that the man used heroin purchased within the encampments.

During this police and medical response, nearly 100 people were gathered around the tent and not following police direction to allow medical personnel room to work on the patient. Officers worked with the Occupy Portland Peace & Safety Team to assist in moving people away from the patient.
How stupid is that?  You've got a young man dying and the idiot protestors won't even make room for the emergency personnel to save him?

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