Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Morning Updates

Fraud seems to be the agenda today.  No, not the fraud that the OWS claims Wall Street pulled on the American people, but the fraud that OWS has been pulling.  For starters, remember the Seattle gal who claimed to be three months' pregnant and that the pepper spray caused her to miscarry?  This broad?

Well, turns out she's a BS artist:

I tracked Fox down today at the Occupy Seattle encampment at Seattle Central Community College. Had she contacted anyone at the hospital? “I can’t go to the hospital until Sunday or Monday,” she said. Fox said that she’s having a memorial service for her miscarried baby and one of her fellow occupiers is planning a candlelight vigil, which will consume her time until next week. Can't she get away to the hospital for an hour? “No.” I provided Fox a copy of a records release for the hospital, which she put into her coat, but again Fox said she couldn’t go request her records until next week. I offered her a ride to and from the hospital, but she again refused. I explained to Fox that, lacking any evidence of her claim, her story was increasingly subject to scrutiny.
And it seems likely that she's pulled this ruse before:

Acting on an anonymous tip, we heard that Seattle police found Fox in a house
nearly nine weeks ago. According to a police report in which the names have been redacted, a suspect who appears to have a three-letter last name "said she is three months pregnant... and began crying when [a suspect] was arrested. [The person with a three-letter last name] began holding her stomach and screaming that it hurt." The woman was transferred to Harborview Medical Center. We are attempting to contact Fox to ask if she is the woman in the police report.
I looked at the police report myself and it appears obvious that the redacted name starts with an F.

And that's not even the biggest fraud exposed.  Remember the noble and brave UC Davis protestors who were pepper sprayed by that fascist cop?  Turns out they had agreed beforehand to getting sprayed:

Watch right at the beginning as the kid and the cop talk a bit.  The kid asks incredulously, "You're shooting us for sitting here?" The cop says something hard to hear, but I did catch the word, "pepper", at which point, the kid responds, "No that's fine, that's fine."  Note his glee at the news, and the fact that everybody begins to cover up, well before the pepper spray is even brought out.  This was planned well in advance

Here's an interview with two of the students, discussing their great adventure harrowing experience:

As you can see, they can barely hold back their smirks tears.  This is clearly the greatest worst moment in their degraded young lives. BTW, care to guess the last time UC Davis students were hit with pepper spray? Actually it was only a year and a half ago: Note this particularly interesting description of the video:
The standoff at Davis goes bad as the cops fire back at the protesters.
Fire back? Doesn't that imply that the students were firing at the cops? In this case, it appears the cops were shooting paintball guns with pepper spray inside the balls.

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