Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sympathy From the Devil

Oakland is moaning about how the Obamaville disruptions are killing any effort to revitalize the city's downtown area:

Most recently, business at their B Restaurant & Bar has been harmed further since Occupy Oakland tents went up at City Hall on Oct. 10. Best and Rasche worry that the collateral damage from the protest may be the final blow for their restaurant.
"If we go two more months like this," Best said, "it's a wrap."
Their restaurant is five blocks from the encampment. Businesses closer have suffered more, and not only from a loss of customers. Windows have been broken, street fires have been set, and graffiti has become part of the landscape, block after block.

And guess who feels their pain?

Mayor Jean Quan, who grew up around her family's restaurant in Livermore, said such businesses run on a 5 percent profit margin and have a hard time absorbing even one lost day.
She said she knows of two restaurants downtown that are closing because of recent losses.
Yep, Mayor Jean Quisling, who invited the protestors back to Oscar Grant Plaza, after the cops finally evicted them.  Who termed the General Strike on November 2nd a "good day for the 99%":

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