Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Long March Continues....

I love this detail about the suck-up media coverage that the marchers are getting:

By 10AM, already being hunted down by international reporters throughout the Liberty Plaza encampment, we all stand in awe behind the great global power of this movement. By noon there are 25 confirmed marchers assembled underneath the bright red steel beam structure at the southeast corner of the park. A reporter mob of twice that number battles one another for the best shots in the very confined spaces of a stairwell. None of us has ever experienced anything like this, now feeling as if we have just stepped onto the red carpet to receive an Oscar. Some marchers seem to be left speechless, surely to the great dismay of this media army who outnumbers us 2-to-1.
One of the marchers is doing it the hard way:

Last minute marchers include a man with no shoes and another man carrying only a Guy Fawkes mask.

I believe this is Shoeless Joe:

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