Monday, November 21, 2011

Feminist Criticizes Obamavilles for Not Enough Women

I can't imagine why women aren't turning out in droves to be assaulted and raped.
But when it comes to women, Occupy is really a microcosm of the greater culture at large. This should give comfort to those who find Occupy's dynamics puzzling -- and greatly embarrass those in the movement who see themselves as revolutionaries. America's gender conflict fault-lines are making a familiar reappearance inside Occupy, with results both predictable and novel. I'm not the only one to notice the Occupy gender gap. This issue is talked about at GAs, I'm told, a lot. Nearly every night at Occupy LA, the question comes up: "What can we do to get more women out here?"
A question often asked at singles' bars as well.
Of course there are women out there -- and they are in the line of fire. Brandy Sippel, three-months pregnant, was clipped by a car during a protest with Occupy D.C. The driver sent three others to the hospital that night and was released by police. At a press conference the next day, the Metropolitan Police Department implied she and the other victims were "drunk diving" on cars. Another pregnant woman was pepper sprayed by police at Occupy Seattle. The police said pepper spray wasn't harmful or they wouldn't be using it. Susie Cagle, a journalist covering Occupy Oakland, says that when she was arrested during a raid by police, there were a higher percentage of women arrested on the roster than who were normally at the camp.
Well, you know how it is; if you're pregnant, maybe you shouldn't be jumping in front of cars or putting your face in front of some pepper spray? Just a thought.

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