Friday, November 4, 2011

Protestors, Including Chris Hedges, Get Arrested

After a kangaroo court:

At least 15 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested Thursday after marching on Goldman Sachs to deliver an “indictment” of the financial giant.

Among the demonstrators hauled away after sitting down in front of the multinational’s doors at 200 West St. was former New York Times foreign correspondent-turned-activist Chris Hedges.
The anti-fat cat demonstrators had staged a “people’s trial” of Goldman Sachs at their base in Zuccotti Park, accusing the firm of felony fraud, perjury and “theft of $78 billion in taxpayer money.”

At noon, about 300 marched eight blocks to the firm’s HQ to deliver their “verdict” of guilty and to demand the imprisonment of CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

As usual, the nutbars' version of justice is the kind that they would shriek about if it ever were tried on them.  Fortunately our society is better than theirs.

 Suggested new chant:
"Show me what a kangaroo court looks like!"
"This is what a kangaroo court looks like!"

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