Friday, November 4, 2011

Zoo-Cotti Protestor Runs Amok Until Decked... By Fellow Nut

Gotta love this story:

A deranged homeless man who has been squatting among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in lower Manhattan went on a violent, early-morning rampage yesterday, cursing incoherently and kicking down tents.
The only thing that could stop Jeremy Clinch from his Godzilla-like rampage was a left hook to the face...
Our hero, right?  Except that Sir Lancelot turns out to be quite the crackpot himself:

“He is a Bloomberg agent, disturbing and disrupting the protest,” said Iskender, who after the fight donned a message board that read, “USA-Turk Army Ended My Diplomatic Career 6 Times,” and also charged that “AC Tropicana Casino Robbed My $30K Pay For My Driving Job.”
Bloomberg, Iskender ranted, “does everything” and is controlling what happens at the park.
“This is Bloomberg,” he said, pointing at cops. “[The] Bloomberg police machine. [The] police state finds those guys to infiltrate, to disrupt it. That’s what Bloomberg wants.”
This of course is the latest bit of paranoia from the kooky protestors.  Everybody who does something wrong is a police provocateur.

Video of the brawl at Occupy Wall:

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