Sunday, November 20, 2011

Interview With UC Davis Pepper Recipient

See if you can spot the weasel words:
Pretty early on, before noon we got a letter from chancellor Katehi to please remove our tents, citing health and safety reasons, but not saying what those reasons are. We took the letter, and replied more or less: look, we understand we're in violation of the camping code. But we believe that this is superseded by our first amendment rights.
Of course you believe that. Because you haven't taken Con Law yet.
A collective decision was made on the fly to just sit in a circle arms linked legs crossed, with police officers and "prisoners" in the middle because we didn't want them arresting only 3 of us. It wasn't fair that 50 of us were there, and only a few arrested who hadn't volunteered to be arrested. There was still one walkway open that the police were going to use to walk the arrestees out. I saw some friends of mine sit down there, and they were my friends, so I joined them. We linked arms, legs crossed.
See, they wanted to get arrested, but they linked arms to make it as difficult as possible for the cops. Guess what? You make it difficult for the man, he's going to make it difficult for you.
We were never warned that we were going to be pepper-sprayed. Lt. Pike walked up to my friend, and I am told that he said, "Move or we're going to shoot you."
You were warned that you would be shot and you're pissed off they pepper-sprayed you instead? Also, note the lie in this part:
When the riot police came, we put our tents in a circle. We walked around in a circle, and said nothing hateful towards the police. Maybe one guy chanted, "Fuck the police" a few times, but it died down right away. None of us wanted to chant against the police.
Right at the beginning of that video, we hear a bunch of protestors (not one) chanting "From Davis to Greece, Fuck the Police!" It is to their credit that several other protestors shush them after about the fourth repetition. One more thing. Note the constant shrieking about "These are children!" That's BS. For most things in this country, you are an adult at age 18. If you want to be treated seriously as an adult, you can't fall back on the "only a lad" defense.

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