Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Many Tons of Human Debris Removed?

That's my question after reading this article:
Occupy L.A.: 30 tons of debris left behind at City Hall tent city
That's 60,000 pounds. And some of it was really gross: Sanitation workers had been hauling away as much as 2 tons of trash a day from the site, but hygiene remained a problem despite rows of portable toilets, he said. Plastic gallon bottles of urine and smaller bottles were set aside for special disposal. "They had no means to wash up. They had no means to shower," Garcia said. 292 arrested.
The majority of the 292 protesters were taken into custody for failing leave a City Hall park after police issued a dispersal order early Wednesday, city officials said. A smaller number also were cited for resisting arrest.
Assuming about 150 pounds apiece, that's about 44,000 pounds of protestor.

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