Thursday, November 10, 2011


Obamaville Denver has growing pains:
Right now, Liberate Denver remains mostly an idea, but occupiers have consistently proven that ideas, though tough to control, are powerful in this movement. A handful of members are working to establish regular space and time for the second entity, which was inspired by issues of violence and patriarchy within the ranks and is targeted toward starting over, this time united against those issues.
The dreaded patriarchy.
"Changing the world takes time," says Kerri Kellerman, a Thunderdomer who supports the concept of Liberate Denver but also remains a part of Occupy Denver. "The movement is young, and right now the entire community is detoxing from this capitalism as a whole. So we're dealing with these huge growing pains of violence and assault and misogyny and these other internal issues, just like all of the movements are."
The Thunderdome is apparently the on-site eatery for Obamaville Denver.

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