Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Game: Death Race 2011

Remember the movie Death Race 2000? IIRC it was about a race across America, but racers got bonuses for killing pedestrians. So far no bonuses, but the Obamavillers, exercising their usual good common sense, are pressing their luck:
Lt. Christopher Micciche of the D.C. police told the Associated Press that the driver was not cited because he had a green light when his vehicle struck three people. He said witnesses told police that the three pedestrians “either ran toward or jumped in front of the moving vehicle.” He said one pedestrian jumped on the hood of the car. One of them was cited for being in the roadway.
This comes after another pair of Oakland Obamavillers managed to get squashed by a dreaded Mercedes:
A car struck two Occupy Oakland protesters tonight as they marched with a crowd along Broadway, and an angry mob surrounded the car as emergency workers tended to the injured. The driver, who was not identified, sat in his silver Mercedes-Benz sedan after the 7:30 p.m. incident while hundreds of people screamed at him through his closed windows.
Here's an educational chant for the benefit of these morons: "Whose streets?" "Cars' streets!"

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