Sunday, November 13, 2011

Morning Update

Occupy Portland did not get raided last night; apparently the local police did not feel they could empty the park safely. This just enables the protestors and puts the ones advocating violence in a position of strength. Rape at Obamaville Philly. This is getting common enough that it hardly seems worth noting.
The rape occurred around 7:45pm Saturday night, and that the woman walked to a nearby pay phone and called 911. Police say the victim is a 23-year-old woman from Atlantic City, and the alleged rapist is a 50-year-old man who has reportedly been arrested a number of times for a string of robberies in Michigan.
Occupy Wall Streeter arrested for punching a NY cop in the face. I assume you folks have all seen Michael Moore's tent already, but if you haven't, check out Occupy Torch Lake. Obamaville SF cut up a couple cops:
Police spokesman Carlos Manfredi says officers were trying to keep marchers out of an intersection when a woman came from the crowd, slashed an officer's hand with a pen knife or razor blade, then disappeared before he realized he'd been cut. Police say a man then came out of the crowd and grabbed an officer's radio, and when the officer chased him another protester shoved the officer, leaving him with a torn uniform and a bleeding laceration on his face.
But they're peaceful protestors.

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