Monday, November 14, 2011

D-Day for Occupy Oakland

Police raid tent city:

Police have arrested about 20 protesters so far and have begun dismantling the camp. Hundreds of protesters remain on Broadway and 14th. While they can't return to the camp, police are not ordering them to leave.
In the camp, police are taking down tents and making arrests. Everything remains peaceful.
 And already the Vichy Government purges have begun:

Dan Siegel, Mayor Jean Quan's legal adviser, posted on Facebook that he has resigned over Monday's police raid of Occupy Oakland.
His Facebook post: "No longer Mayor Quan's legal adviser. Resigned at 2 am. Support Occupy Oakland, not the 1% and its government facilitators."
 Okay, so he becomes the fall guy for Mayor Quisling allowing the protestors back in after the first raid.

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