Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cops: The Other Other White Meat

Looks like the Occupy Vancouver folks are getting hungry:

The VPD chief constable said that two police officers were sent to the hospital Monday night with "human bite wounds" after they attempted to stop protesters from pushing and shoving firefighters who were trying to extinguish a burning fire in a barrel.
"Our officers received the full wrath of the protesters, who punched, kicked and bit them. In the scuffle one officer has his ammunition clip stolen."
 The protestors fell back on the "religious" excuse:
"They basically crowded everybody around a burning hot barrel because we didn't want to put the fire out, it's a sacred fire for the native Americans," said Pete Stone, 33, who said he was there during the incident.
Update: Video of the sacred fire being put out:

Huge entertainment value here. A buddy of mine points out that perhaps it's time to get out the sacred billy clubs, sacred tasers and sacred pepper spray.

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